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Becoming Faithful is designed to inspire, motivate and help people explore their unique path toward a life of faith and passion.  

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Over the last few years, I’ve had many people ask me how I grow spiritually and how I apply faith in my life.

The answer is I do many things for spiritual growth.  

  • Read a lot! Some my favourites books have been written by: Rob Bell, Richard Rohr and of course the many authors of the Bible!
  • Follow a morning routine which includes affirmations, gratitude and writing in a journal
  • Listen to podcasts and music
  • Write articles to transfer my thoughts to paper
  • Part of a Church and a Christian Movement

Everyone has their own journey.  Your journey may look and feel different than mine. The key is to keep searching, keep asking questions and continue to walk your journey.

Where are you in your journey?


I believe that God is everywhere, in all people and in all things.

I believe the Bible is a library of books, written by regular people in a different time. While I do take the Bible seriously, I do not take it literally.  The Bible can be a dangerous the authors share some loving and hateful verses.  

The good news is a life of prayer can help develop a third eye.  A third eye that can read between the lines of scripture and find the golden thread – which is moving toward inclusivity, mercy, forgiveness and love.

“God does not love us because we are good, God loves us because God is good.  Nothing we can do will either decrease or increase God’s eternal and infinite eagerness to love” – Richard Rohr


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