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Welcome to Becoming Faithful!

Whatever brought you here, you’re here for a reason! I invite you to stay and navigate through the articles on this website.

The purpose of Becoming Faithful is to share my personal journey and to inspire others to explore and follow their own unique path to faith.  


I grew up in a Catholic environment, lost my faith in my teenage years, and then found faith again through a supernatural experience. My thoughts on faith have changed over the years and I expect it to continue to change as I continue to learn and grow spiritually.

Over the last few years, I’ve had people approach me and ask questions about how I apply faith in my life.  One way I do this is through writing. My hope is that what I share through my writing will help you find your path to faithfulness.

Everyone has their own journey.  Your journey may look and feel different than mine. The key is to keep searching, keep asking questions and continue to walk your journey.

Where are you in your journey? You can read where I am in my faith journey here

woman in car on her journey toward mountains - might need faith


I believe that God is everywhere, in all people and in all things.

I believe scripture was inspired by God, written by regular people. While I do take the Bible seriously, I do not take it literally.  The Bible can be a dangerous book because it has some hateful verses and loving verses in it.

The good news is a life of prayer can help develop a third eye.  A third eye that can read between the lines of scripture and find the golden thread – which is moving toward inclusivity, mercy, and justice.

“God does not love us because we are good, God loves us because God is good.  Nothing we can do will either decrease or increase God’s eternal and infinite eagerness to love” – Richard Rohr


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