One of the most frequent questions I get is how I started a blog.   Blogging is a quick way to tap into your creativity – especially if your strength is writing. 

Below is a quick step by step guide on how I started my many blogs over the last 10 years – including this one! 


How to Start a Blog – Step by Step Guide

Step 1:  Buy a domain name and choose a hosting provider.


I’ve had experience using a few hosting providers and was never happy with their customer service.   Because I was new to the blogging world I was pretty basic in terms of knowledge about starting a blog.   Last year, a company called PeoplesHost reached out to me on Twitter and told me they could help me with all of my challenges I was experiencing online.    They have awesome support via online and email.

You can find your domain name, purchase a hosting package with a pre-download WordPress.

You will not be disappointed with the PeoplesHost Team!


Step 2: Download an Easy-to-Use Theme

There are some free themes available but I’ve never really been able to tweak them and make them look professional.  It seems I would have to learn how to code to get the site the way I wanted.  And, I did not want to learn how to code.

In the past, I’ve reached out to Fiverr and hired someone to create a theme for me, but I was never really satisfied.  I like simple, plain and clean designs.  The Fiverr theme developers were great, but they always had a different style than me.

Finally, I found a theme that is so interactive and easy to use anyone can have a professional looking site with a little practice!

The theme is called Divi and it’s by Elegant Themes.  It’s a powerful theme and you won’t be disappointed.


Step 3:  Now start to write!

You can basically start writing about whatever you want.  There are 1000’s of YouTube videos that show you how to use a WordPress site.  Just go to Youtube and type in “WordPress beginner tutorials” or “divi theme beginner tutorials” and there will be tons of options!

If you’re worried about grammar or writing style – check out Hemingway App.  There is a free web version to try, and if you like it you can download the desktop version.   


The Hemingway app helps you structure your sentences in a clean, easy to read, blog style format.

The desktop version allows you to save, export to word or pdf and even publish directly to WordPress. 



Step 4:  Add photos to your blog

They say photos are worth a thousand words and when it comes to a blog I’d have to agree.   

Choosing at least 1 photo per blog post is essential. 

The free site I use is and when I use any photos from this site, I reference the photographer.   

I sometimes find the photos on are not quite what I’m looking for – and I find I can also spend hours looking for the right photo.  Recently, I signed up and bought a plan at  They have a vast database of photos to choose from and I find it takes me a few minutes to find the right photo.  Saves me so much time! 


Step 5: Build an Email List for Your Followers

Gathering emails from people who like your blog is a good idea to start doing.  That way, if you ever move blogs, or want to communicate something to them it’s easy to do. 

I’ve tried many email marketing programs – including Convertkit and Mailchimp.  However, the one I like the best is called Mailerlite.  Mailerlite has a free package where you can automate emails quite easily so you followers know you are grateful for their support.    I find Mailerlite extremely user friendly – especially when setting up your email sequences.


Step 6: Take Your Blog to the Next Level 

However, if you are wanting this blog to become a “side business” – then I encourage you to invest in a good valuable course.  A course that teaches you the way you should structure your blog posts so Google will rank your post accordingly.

The course / membership that I am a part of is called Income School.   They have a 60 Step Process you would take to turn your hobby blog into a hobby blog that earns income in 24 months.

There is an abundance amount of value in this course / membership.  It is worth every penny if you’re serious about moving to the next level with your blog.  They have a private Vlogs, private podcast, and a private forum that helps creatives & entrepreneurs take their blog to the next level.  

Check them out here


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