Why it’s Important to Be Creative in Life

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Do you ever wonder why it’s important to be creative in life?
Here at Becoming Faithful, creativity is 1/3 of the focus because it’s so important. Time Magazine dedicated a whole special on creativity because of it’s importance.
We were born to be creative and it’s in our DNA to create. And, we have the capability to create whatever we want to create. The opportunities are endless. The challenge is our minds are so cluttered with stuff – unimportant stuff – we don’t have space to create.
There is no doubt being creative has a positive impact on our lives. The questions you might have is what kind of positive impact does it have? Why should you tap into your creativity and why is it so important?
When I’m in the zone creating something, it’s like I’ve plugged in to some sort of power source. When I’m writing, creating presentations, or developing courses, I’m the happiest and I’m my best self.
Based on my experience, I’m sharing 10 reasons I’ve discovered why it’s important to be creative in life. Everyone is different in what they experience. But, I’m certain a few of these you will show you why it’s so important to tap into your creative side. 

You Become Happier

Studies have shown, there is a connection between creativity and our health. Some show there is even a link between creativity and our mental health.
It’s interesting to note when I’m creating something, the world seems to stop. Everything around me disappears and I focus on creating the best content possible. I often found this fascinating. How time doesn’t exist when I’m producing something of value for someone.
Time Magazine says creativity is the most fundamentally human of qualities – so that could be why.
For me, I’m sure it’s more than the act of creating. It’s creating something for others – serving, helping, the people around me. I love to help people – love to provide value.
It’s important that whatever I’m creating that it provides value and help others. That makes me happy.

Uncover Your Strengths

I talk to a lot of people and they will often tell me they don’t know what their strengths are. One easy way to discover your strengths is to be creative in different areas of your life.
About 10 years ago I decided to do a challenge called 101 things in 1001 days. It was an online bucket list of 101 things to do in 1001 days from the Day Zero Project. I created a blog, created my list and as I completed a task, I’d scratch it off my blog.
There were many things on that list – and much of it was tapping into my creativity. This was a quick way to uncover my strengths. I learned very soon I wasn’t great at knitting, but loved the blogging aspect of the project.
Do you know what your strengths are? Start creating something and you’ll soon see what you’re good at!

Learn More About Yourself

When you’re being creative, you learn more about yourself.
For example, when I write, I have to be authentic. I write with honesty and often about my experiences to help others.
When I create presentations or courses – I’ve learned I’m someone that is straight to the point. I don’t add in fluff and I like to present things in a minimalistic style.
I’ve also learned that I have to be part of the beginning process of any project. I’ve been part of teams where they’ve brought me in midway into a project and I can’t pick up right from there. We often have to go back to the beginning of the project. That way I can understand what the objective is and suggest any changes. Usually I’m removing the fluff and simplifying the style.
Being creative helped me learn more about myself and how I like to create things. It also helped me discover when I should join a team – when they are in the beginning stages of the creation process.
Have you learned everything there is to know about yourself? Being creative can help you dig even deeper into your inner self.

Find a Way to Express Yourself

Being creative is well known for being a way to express yourself. In many ways it can be an outlet for your thoughts.
For me, writing was the way I expressed myself. Journaling in particular. Then I went on to write for many publications in Medium. Now, I write for the local newspaper and the Anglican Diocese. All ways of sharing and expressing what is on my mind.
You might have a different way to express yourself. My mother expresses herself through interior designing. She has this strength and talent for seeing what a plain room could look like in the future with her ideas. And she makes it happen on a budget!
My aunt is an artist who paints as a way to express herself. She mainly does abstracts, but has experimented with different elements of painting.
I have a friend who gardens. Where my garden looks like a platform of weeds, hers looks like a sanctuary and so magical.
How do you express yourself?

Learn to Take Risks

Sometimes being creative means you have to take risks. If you’re like me, we sometimes shy away from risks. For many reasons – fear, the unknown, the rejection. Either way, when you’re creative you may have to take the leap of faith.
When I publish a blog post or publish a course I’m taking a leap of faith. It’s a risk because I’m usually sharing something personal about my life. And, I’m sharing my experiences with the hope of it helping someone else one day.
When I develop a presentation for my clients – there is a risk involved. It takes time and effort to put together a presentation that is useful and full of value. The risk would be missing the mark on the goal. What if I didn’t hit the hot button and my clients find it not impactful at all.
Now, much of this comes from fear. And we all know to get over fear, we must take that leap of faith, trust and take that risk. Being creative can help you do this.

Increase your Confidence

Tapping into your creativity to solve a problem can be very rewarding.
Your confidence will definitely increase if you:
  • see a problem or gap and then use your strengths to build and connect pieces to solve that problem
  • sharing that solution with the people around you who also have that same problem.
It’s a great feeling when you see a problem or gap in a situation and you know how to fix the problem. There’s a sense of pride that comes along with that feeling which results in more confidence.

Become Less Stressed

Creativity can make situations less stressful. The reason for this is two-fold.
When you’re happier and your have higher confidence you feel like you’re on top of the world. You’re not worried about the little things that would stress you out.
Remember the saying “don’t stress the small stuff ” – it’s simply that. When you feel like you’re on top of the world – the small stuff doesn’t seem that impactful. You can brush the small stuff off and move on with life.
The combination of happiness, confidence and less stress gives you control. Which in turn snowballs to less stress in life.
Now, I should note that there are times when I am working on a project, being in my glory and reaching a deadline. There is some stress to that, but it’s a different kind of stress than the ‘every day stress”. It’s a good stress, like we are making something great, kind of stress.

Learn to Find Solutions

Being creative is important when you’re trying to find solutions.
There is a quote by Steve Jobs where he says creativity is connecting things. When you’re trying to connect things, you have to ask questions.
When I’m creating a new training program or presentation, I am always asking questions. Questions like:
  • Why are people not understanding the product/service?
  • Is the message delivery clear? delivered in the right way?
  • What external factors are stopping people from following through?
  • Who is having the issue? Is it a certain type of person?
  • Who is succeeding? Is it a certain type of person?
  • How can I help them succeed?
These are examples of the types of questions I would ask myself.  I also get feedback from clients so they tell me exactly (or at least what they think) what they need.
The major feedback I got this year was clients wanted simplicity. So, now I’m learning to find solutions that are simple, take less time and promote convenience.
Being creative will force you to ask questions so you can find and create a solution.

You focus on the Now

Creativity is important because without knowing it puts you into the present. When you’re using your strengths and being creative, your energy levels rise. This changes your energy levels to reflect a vibrant, happy and positive being.
When this happens, we can’t help but be present to what’s around us and focus on the now.
For example, as I’m creating and typing this blog post, I am focusing on the present.
I can feel my fingers hitting the keyboard, and the tapping sound it generates. There is an airplane in the sky and I can hear it rumbling in the background.
Notice this the next time you’re in the zone creating something. Pay attention to the things around you.
You might even notice it has a boomerang effect. When you create, you become more present. When you’re present, you are more creative.

You Get Some Grit

Being creative can help you get some grit.
If you’re not sure what grit means, it means courage and strength of character. Determination, perseverance, endurance are some of the key synonyms.
And, this makes total sense to me. There are times I’ve stayed up hours working on a project. I’m sure you remember those days in school, or even if you run a business. You don’t stop creating until it reaches your standards of success.
If I see a gap, and I envision a solution to a problem, if the end product is not what I envisioned, I’d continue to work at it. I will continue to create, alter, create, alter until I find the right solution.
Another component to this is if you create something but it didn’t solve the problem you thought it would. This has happened a few times to me. I created a training program I thought would be the solution to a complicated product. After delivering the training, sales didn’t increase. After some feedback, I realized I didn’t answer some of the key issues and challenges my clients had.
So, I went back to the drawing board, started from scratch and created a new program. This can be tough on the ego, and a lot of work goes into projects. That’s how you get some grit. Taking the information given to you, creating something to help. If it succeed or do what you thought it would do – then you try again.
You keep trying until you find a solution.

Final Thought

These 10 things are not the only reasons why creativity is important. But, these are key things I’ve noticed when I tap into my creativity.
There are times when I’m unproductive, unmotivated, and feel like I’m in a rut. And, most of the time it’s because I haven’t tapped into my creativity for a while.
This is one of the main reasons why I started journaling. Journaling allows me to tap into my creativity on a daily basis in 15 minutes.
It didn’t always take 15 minutes, but over time I have streamlined and mastered my morning routine. You can download my free Journal Booster Guide here.
When I’m stuck, I’ll do the Power of 10 trick to get my creative juices going. This takes me about 5 minutes to do.
Try it out, let me know what you think.

Related Questions

What is creativity? Creativity is about transforming your ideas, imagination and dreams into reality. You’ll know you’re being creative when you see a problem and you connect thing to develop a solution.
Can everyone be creative? Yes, research shows everyone can be create because creativity skills can be learned. You need an interest in the creative process, the desire to explore and a spirit of curiosity. 


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