Can Essential Oils Help with Spiritual Growth?

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It seems everywhere I look people are advocating the use of essential oils. They speak with such conviction as they share how using these oils have helped them in their lives. In fact, my sister and cousin have both become distributers. They will often  recommend a particular oil for a particular ailment. 
If you have a headache, you can rub a certain oil on your temples. For energy, you can put a drop of oil on your head. For colds, you can roll oil on your feet.
This made me think – is there such a thing as an essential oil helping with spiritual growth?
Can Essential Oils Help with Spiritual Growth? Yes essential oils have the potential to promote spiritual growth. Using essential oils may remove negative energies allowing space for spiritual growth.
I’m thinking of adding essential oils into my morning spiritual routine. But, I wanted to do a little more research first before I spent the money and made the commitment.

The key questions I had were:

  • How does essential oils fit into the landscape of aromatherapy?
  • Why would I use essential oils for spiritual growth and what do the oils actually do?
  • Which essential oils should I start with if my primary goal is spiritual growth ( as well as the cost )?
  • Is there a specific way to apply the essential oils to enhance spiritual growth?
  • When is the best time to use the essential oils to capitalize on spiritual growth?
Let me share with you what I discovered.

Essential Oils are a part of Aromatherapy

When I hear the word aromatherapy I always envision a spa. Likely because every time I walk into a spa the smell of lavender infuses the air travels up my nose. Immediately I take a deep breath and begin to relax.
Essential oils are used for aromatherapy which is a form of alternative medicine. Which, some credit has been to the healing affects that come from the aromatic compounds.
There is no good medical evidence aromatherapy can prevent or cure a disease. I like to believe essential oils are a compliment to traditional medicine.

Why use Essential Oils to Help with Spiritual Growth

I see three main purposes why one might use essential oils in their spiritual practice.

1) To remove negative energy.

This would be key reason why someone would consider using oils – including myself.
It’s pretty obvious we interact with negative energy every day. That’s part of life. The challenge is as humans we tend to hang on to this negative energy – sometimes to the point of making it our identity.
It will be difficult to achieve any type of spiritual growth with this type of energy in our lives.
I could see the goal of removing this negative energy as the foundational goal. With the intention to clear the toxic energy and remove whatever blockage you may have. Making way to experience enlightenment.

2) For balancing and grounding.

The second reason would be to create balance and a feeling of grounding.
I can see why this would be important for spiritual growth. I’ll share a real example of where the lack of balance and grounding affects my life. There will be weeks and months where I will feel on top of the world. I’m focusing on projects, getting ideas, connecting to the divine. And, there are other weeks where I’m down in the dumps, hard to focus, mind is blank and have a heard time connecting.
On the weeks I have a hard time focusing – there is no connecting to the divine. It’s like I’m at a standstill – and can’t move. So in that case, there is no spiritual growth happening.
Using an oil to promote balance and grounding could be useful.

3) To promote and experience enlightenment.

The third reason would be spiritual growth and enlightenment. I imagine at this point, blockages are gone and the grounding and balancing is in place. Now the doors are open for a spiritual awakening or enlightenment.
The first time I had a spiritual awakening I was 4 years old. I walking outside with the smell of spring and the sun shining – and it hit me. There is something so much bigger than us and I felt a sense of gratitude. Imagine, at 4 years old!
Since then I’ve had little enlightenments along the way. When you experience something like this, it’s like you see something and you can never go back. You can’t undo what you see.
It’s an awesome feeling and and I can see people using oils to promoting this experience. To help bring you to a higher level and connect us to that present moment, to our inner self and to the divine.

Types of oils that help with spiritual growth

There is an overwhelming amount of different kinds of essential oils. Finding the specific oil for a specific purpose can be challenging. Not to mention the amount of blends and mixtures people suggest.
To promote spiritual growth, I found 6 essential oils that could help. I’ve also highlighted the cost for each of the oils. You’ll see the cost will have a range as it depends on the brand, quality and size you buy.

Cedarwood Essential OilRemoves blockages from your energetic body and aura. It purifies you by detoxifying negative thoughts, worries, fears, and anxieties. It cleanses your space, heals the present and purifies spirit. It’s a grounding oil that cleanses your space, heals your present – and promotes peace and calmness. People have also indicated they’ve used it to promote spiritual awakenings. (Cost: $10.00 to $20.00)

Rosemary Essential Oil – Has a stimulating, uplifting aroma and promotes enlightenment. (Cost: $10.00 – $30.00)
Ylang Ylang Essential Oilhelps relieve stress, worries, anxieties, and sadness. It also promotes balance. (Cost: $12.00 – $70.00)
Peppermint Essential Oilstimulates the senses, enhances alertness and improves stamina. it has relaxing affects which helps you focus. (Cost: $12.00 – $40.00)
Lavender Essential Oil has calming, soothing and relaxing properties. This combination can help get into deeper states during meditation. It also promotes balance and a connection to the divine. (Cost: $12.00 – $40.00)
Patchouli Essential Oilearthy and spiritually grounding properties. It relieves stress and fatigue, emotional balancing, and spiritual awakening. (Cost: $12.00 – $60.00)
The 6 oils above all focus on those three key reasons I discussed above. Removing toxic energy, finding balance, and experiencing spiritual growth.
Cedarwood and Patchouli are the two essential oils that seem to give the biggest bank for the dollar. These two oils do it all as we focus on spiritual growth. They remove toxic energy, create balance, grounding, promoting enlightenments and spiritual growth.

Is there a specific way to apply this oils to enhance spiritual growth?

There are so many ways you can apply these oils – but for spiritual growth there are three main ways.
  • diffuse the oils in a diffuser
  • rub the oils on your hands and take a deep inhale
  • use a roller and rub the oils on the bottoms of your feet.
Note – a typical cost of a diffuser starts at $30 and could end up being over $100. A roller ball is quite inexpensive as you can buy packages for about $12.00.

When to use Essential Oils to Capitalize on Spiritual Growth?

To encourage spiritual growth, many people will diffuse oils in the the room they plan on performing their spiritual practice in. They set the diffuser for about 5 minutes before to create the proper aroma in the room. Then they are free too meditate, pray, and follow their daily ritual.
I also know some people who will rub the oil on their hands and take a deep breath in when they feel they need it. A great option for removing toxic energies and creating balance and grounding.

Related Questions

Are all brands the same? The saying “you get what you pay for” stands true here. There is usually a reason why certain brands are less or more expensive. Usually, it’s because the quality of the product is higher. I do know there are some oils that focus on high quality and even have 3rd party testing. These brands will definitely be more expensive – and it will likely be worth it.
Are essential oils safe? Essential oils are safe. They’ve been around for thousands of years. There are cases where people or animals are allergic to a particular oil – and in that case should be avoided.


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