How to Create a Spiritual Routine with a Busy Life

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There was a time in my life I thought my life was too busy for a spiritual daily routine.
At the time, I was knee deep in the rat race of life – making money, to pay the bills, going to sleep, waking up and doing it all over again. 
I knew there had to be something more. More to the life I was living at that moment.
From there I was set on a path of self discovery and I started to be intentional about a daily routine.  Over time, I found the perfect spiritual routine to complement my busy life!
How to create a spiritual routine with a busy life? If you want to create a spiritual routine, the key is you have to be intentional in making it happen. This means you will have to set aside dedicated time on a daily basis and treat this time like an appointment. Like any commitment, it will be challenging at first, but soon, it will become second nature to you.
When you make something a priority the things around you start to adjust . The same thing will happen when you make your spiritual life a priority.
Let me share with you the things I did to create a regular routine where I was able to focus on my spiritual growth.
Before I begin, know I’m a busy woman. My day job is an hour away so I do commute 2.5 hours a day. I’m on the executive board of a spiritual movement. Also, I’m a writer, so I write blogs and articles for newspapers. The reality is, I’m likely as busy as you and have normal hobbies and domestic duties like most people.
So, the things I share are things I know that work. You have to put your mind to it and have the burning desire to focus on spiritual growth.

Block off time in Calendar

The first thing I did was block time off in my calendar. I work in the business world, I know if you don’t put something in your calendar, it won’t get done. So, I looked at the availability and the time that best suited me was 5:30 am in the morning. Was I looking forward to getting up at 5:30 am in the morning? No! But this was the time when my mind was the clearest – and the only time where I was alone. My husband wakes up at 7am – so this gave me a good hour and a half by myself.
So look at your calendar and choose a time where you can be alone. If you have to wake up early – do it. If you have to leave your work to go out to your car at lunch time – do it. Whatever time is good for you – put it in your calendar and honour it like an appointment at the dentist or doctor. Colour code the appointment so you know you cannot cancel it. COMMIT to this appointment.

Start a Journal 

I started a daily journal. I never in my life thought that I would journal. But, every successful person, business or person share the fact they journal daily. So, I bought myself a journal and started. When I remember that first morning, I laugh because I had no idea what to write. Soon, the words were pouring out of my brain onto paper. The brain is a muscle so the more I worked at it, the easier it got. My journal process has evolved and I can now journal in 15 minutes. Again, I’m a busy woman!
Go out and get yourself a journal. You can get a nice one around $10 at Michaels and pick up a nice pen too. If you’d like a guideline of what to write in your journal – download my 15 minute journal process here


I added meditation to my morning routine. Every morning I set the timer on my phone for 5 minutes. I close my eyes and breathe in deep for 5 seconds and exhale for 5 seconds. Continuing to breathe and clear my mind until the alarm goes off.
The day I began meditating my world shifted a little – for the better! Only 5 minutes a day and I felt like a different person. I had to do some research because I felt so many benefits! From less stress to calmness to increased creativity!
I encourage you to take the 5 minutes and try this daily habit. It’s tough at first – especially to try and clear your mind. Lots of stuff try to creep back in – like your to do list! Let it go, push it away and focus on clearing your mind.
It will take time, but once you’re there, and your mind is cleared, you’ll know!

Read Books

I enjoy the Bible and I try and read a chapter every day. If you’re not a Christian, choose a book about spiritual growth and read a page or two every day. It’s not a race to get it done – so take your time, read a page or two and then close it up.
The point is to spend time reading and learning about a particular topic on spiritual growth. One of my favourite authors is Rob Bell who believes everything is spiritual. Quite mind-blowing!

Listen to Podcasts

Because I commute every day, I listen to a lot of podcasts. I batch download them on wi-fi so when I’m in my car it doesn’t use up any data. I put them in chronological order and then I press play! I can’t tell you how many things I’ve learned through podcasts. It’s an amazing platform and you don’t have to be in the car to listen.
You can listen as you clean the house. Listen before bed, or at the gym, or going for a walk. The power of podcasts is they are on your cell phone and you carry your cellphone with you everywhere! You can listen to a podcast at the doctors office – or in a line up. Talk about using your time in a smart an efficient way!
Download the podcast app and browse for podcasts about spiritual growth. My favourites are Rob Bell and Ask Science Mike. If you’re a Christian you might like Willow Creek, or Richard Rohr. Check them out and find some new ones.

Sign up for a daily email

I’m an email junky so I often will sign up for emails direct to my inbox. That way I don’t have to go searching online for the latest blog post or update. I’m the bloggers perfect client!
There are so many meditations or daily emails you can sign up for. Once you sign up, the author will send you daily or weekly emails on spiritual growth. My favourite is the daily meditations from Richard Rohr. It’s a bit deep but enjoyable if you’re in to mystic traditions.
Do a little research and find a website that focuses on the spiritual growth that aligns with your goals. The emails are usually quite short – long enough for you to grasp something new, short enough to not take up lots of time. You can read this email in the morning, as you’re waiting in line some where, at the car wash. You name it.

Connect with a Spiritual Mastermind Group Online

I connected with a friend who had a passion for spiritual growth. We started to share emails back and forth about what we were learning. We both get the same meditation to our email but follow our own spiritual routine. When we learn something new we share with each other via email. This is great because it’s like a little study group – but you’re not committed to a particular time. The idea is you share as you learn – no pressure. Our little email sessions of two has grown to a group of 4 keeping with the “share as you” go mentality.
If you can, try and find someone who you can share things via email with. Share as you go, with no pressure, and learn from each other. It also keeps you accountable on those few days you may fall short in your routine.

How long does all this take?

I have my routine down to a total of 40 minutes in the morning. I set my alarm for 5:30am, grab a coffee and follow this routine:
  • 15 minutes of journaling
  • 5 minutes of breathing/meditation
  • 5 minutes reading daily email about a topic of interest
  • 15 minutes reading bible or book on spiritual growth
A few days a week I will listen to a podcast on the way to work – which is usually between 30-45minutes each time.
And finally, I will email my spiritual mastermind group usually 1x a week.
So when you add that up, 40 minutes per day is not a lot to commit to. With a few podcasts a week and a weekly email, it’s very doable.

Take Action 

Just do it! Put it in your calendar and make this time your own. You’re going to have to tweak it as you go and to match your style. But, even if you do 1 thing on this list, it will get you one step closer to spirituality.
Good luck! And, let me know how you do!


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