How to Boost Family Motivation (with no money)

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Last month my husband and I were trying to figure out ways to boost our family motivation. We are quite intentional in life – but we both felt like we were in a rut. Almost as if our lives were at a halt or a standstill. We were not going backward – but we were not moving forward either.
This feeling may have been a result of the gloomy winter weather we’ve been having – but either way, I didn’t like it and wanted to boost our motivation and increase our momentum.  But, I didn’t want to spend any money. After a little research we discovered the perfect idea!
How to boost your family motivation with no money? You can boost your family motivation by creating a family plan! The plan would highlight your family’s mission statement, vision and a set values. Creating this personalized plan will do wonders for the family, and it doesn’t cost a thing!
This is exactly what my husband and I did. We created a Family Master Plan. Our plan highlighted our mission statement, vision and a set of values.
I’ll share with you exactly why we chose the family plan over the many other options out there. Then, I’ll show you how we structured the plan with some examples and how it boosted our motivation as a family.

Why the Family Plan?

There are many ways families can boost that motivation – and kick start their momentum again. I will often see families go on trips together. Or they will go on a date night or have family day outside the home. Some add in a movie day together. This stuff may work – but much of it costs money. So if you don’t have a lot of disposable income, you’re limited in what you can do. We are on a path of becoming debt free, so it was important to us to not spend money.
I also found the motivation that comes from these types of “special days” ends up being temporary. The reason for this is because it’s very much focused on external factors to motivate.
What I was looking for was something to motivate my husband and I from within.
So, we grabbed our coffees one morning and hashed out our family plan.  Here’s what we did.

Step 1 – Set a mission statement focused on the now

A typical mission statement focuses on the now. Where are you now or what do you want to stand for now. So,  for our mission statement we talked about the “now”.    
The questions we asked ourselves was:
  • What kind of people do we want to be today?
  • What kind of marriage do we want to have today?
  • What kind of life do we want to live today
Here’s what we came up with: “A united team focused on living a life of simplicity, passion, love and grace”

Step 2 – Set a vision for the future

A typical vision highlights where you want to be in the future. So for our vision we talked about where we want our family goals to take us in the future.
The questions we asked ourselves was:
How do we see our family in the future?
What does the impact we make on our community look like?
How do we want to act going forward and into the future?
What do we want to do in the future?
Here’s what we came up with: “Live a life of intention and demonstrate the hope and possibilities to the world”


Step 3 – Created a set of values as a form of measuring progress

The next step was setting up some guidelines – some values. Otherwise, how will we know we are living out our mission statement and vision. Like a company has values, we thought we should too.
To determine our values we asked one question:
If someone looked at our family from the outside – what would we want them to see?
From there we came up with a value statement and 6 key words that will align us with the statement. We also wrote a little description of what each key word meant to us. We call them “pillars” to represent these values holding up the family.

Here’s our Value Statement and our 6 Pillars:

We lead by example and do all we can to improve ourselves every day.
FaithWe live a faith-filled life and create space to pray, listen and follow the Divine, our Creator
Advocate We boost each other up and have each others back always. We advocate for the underdog in our communities
Communicate We share our thoughts, feelings, ideas and dreams without fear or worry. We listen to each other with patience, love and grace.
Compassion We are forgiving, considerate and kind with each other and in our communities. We are generous with our givings.
Committed We are loyal to each other and dedicated to being
the best we can be in all areas of our life.
Wellness We are aware of and make choices toward a healthy and
fulfilling life: Physically, Spiritually and Mentally.

How the mission statement, vision and values boosted our motivation?

We printed up our Family Mission Statement and currently have it on the fridge. We also created little bookmarks with mission, vision and pillars on it. That way we can carry our family plan with us where ever we go.
What’s great about this is now anything we do, say or react, we ask ourselves if it aligns with our family plan.
We now have something to follow together. A guideline that provides us with a measurement about how we are doing. Like companies do annual reviews – I can see us doing a regular review. Do a little check up to see if in fact we are following our our mission, vision and the pillars. Or, do we need to make an change.
Doing this mission statement and vision was exactly what we needed to motivate us within. It was a boost that that helped us create our momentum we are experiencing today.

Final Thought

The key is to get everyone involved. Regardless of the size of family – you can be a family of 2 or a family of 8. When everyone contributes, it means they have an interest in what the plan will be about as well as the outcome.
What my husband and I found is it has allowed us to make decisions without much fuss. We will look at the decision or choices and if it doesn’t align with our pillars and value system – we don’t do it. It’s as simple as that.
Nobody is perfect, including us, and there are times we don’t follow the pillars quite as we should. But, that’s life isn’t it? You work at being a better person each day.
We always talked about our future and have talked about our values. But the simple act of being more specific and writing down exactly what we mean by each of those values was new for us.
In fact, I would say after 20+ years together, it still brought us a little bit closer.


Call to Action

If you find yourself in a rut and demotivated as a family, I encourage you to do what we did. Create your own family plan (or personal plan if you’re single). Challenge each other and ask each other questions about where you are today – and where you want to be. Set up those value pillars too. This way you’ll know when you’re off track – and not aligning the family with your mission and vision.
Doing this mission statement and vision was exactly what we needed to give us a little boost. It could be what you need to help spark the fire within you and your family.
The great part, it didn’t cost us anything.


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