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The other day I was talking to my mother about being creative. I asked her what sorts of things does she do on a daily basis to tap into her creativity. It was hard for her to come up with something until I started to talk about one of her past time hobbies she enjoys. As soon as I talked about interior design, her eyes lit up.
How Can You Be Creative in Every Day Life? There are many ways you can be more creative. It will depend on what sorts of things you enjoy doing, what you want to learn and how you want to share with others.
Here is a quick overview of 10 ways you can be more creative in every day life.
1) Journal daily
2) Write articles, stories, essays
3) Draw, doodle, paint
4) Learn Something New
5) Introspection/Meditate
6) Listen to Podcasts
7) Power of 10
8 ) Join Toastmasters
9) Be Healthy
10) Ask Questions
Let’s dive deeper into each one

Journal Daily

Journaling is one of the easiest ways to tap into your creative side. The process of converting your thoughts to paper can be an eye opener.
You can find a lot of journaling ideas online – I’m particularly fond of the bullet journal style. I’ve taken the bullet journal concept, tweaked it to my style and follow a journal process that works for me. You can download it for free here.
Decide to write in your journal daily for 30 days and it will definitely help you be more creative.

Write articles, stories, essays, mind maps

Similar to writing in a journal – writing can really boost your creativity.
I started blogging opinion articles a few years ago – which led to writing for many publications. Blogging is great because you’re just expressing your opinions about a particular topic. If it can help someone else, then you’re even more happy.
You don’t have to write blogs. If you’re more of a private person, you can write stories and essays. Mind mapping can help you see more opportunities and direction for your characters.
I know people who write poems and song lyrics to express themselves. This could be another way to be creative.

Draw, doodle, paint

When we talk about creativity, drawing and painting is usually a topic that comes up first. I remember as young girl learning how to draw and it awesome to learn, but not quite something I wanted to focus on.
If you find yourself doodling – drawing or painting might be your passion! This might be an area you want to focus on to increase your creativity.
My mother’s side of the family are all extremely talented in this area. My aunt even opened up her own art studio.  You can see it here

Learn Something New

You might say you’d love to be creative but you don’t have any ideas.
Well, what have you always wanted to learn? What topic has always interested you but you know nothing about? Jump on this nudge and learn about it!
A few years ago I created a bucket list. It was from the Day Zero Project. I started my first blog ever, added my 101 things I was going to do over the next 1001 days. Each time I accomplished one of my goals, I’d scratch it off. I wish I still had this blog as it would have been an amazing thing to share.


You wouldn’t think spending time by yourself would make you creative, but it does! I spend 5 minutes a day meditating and shortly after I’m done I usually think of an idea or something to write about.
It’s amazing what can happen when we breathe, sit still, clear our minds and listen!

Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts because it’s so easy to put your earbuds in or turn your podcasts on in the car. We could also lump in leadership conferences or workshops. Basically, anything that provides some sort of education.
I listen to a lot of podcasts because I commute on a daily basis – and I also attend a lot of workshops for work.
My rule of thumb is if I can take at least 1 practical thing from a podcast or workshop, – then it’s worth it. Usually this practical thing is something I can apply to my life in a creative way.
One of my favorite podcasts is Ask Science Mike and The RobCast

Power of 10

There will be days where you don’t think you have ANY more creative thoughts in your mind. So if you find yourself stuck, you can use the Power of 10 concept.  
I can’t take credit for this idea and I don’t even remember who I learned it from. But it works like this: think of a topic and then make a list of 10 things about that topic.
The idea is it’s easy to get to 3, moderately easy to get to 6 but much tougher to get to 10. That’s when you tap into your creativity.

Join Toastmasters

Joining Toastmasters was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my personal growth. It’s also an amazing way to work on your creativity with an auditory lens. Yes, you can write out your speeches and then present and get feedback. But, what I found to supercharge my creativity was the “table topics” that happens in each meeting.
Table topics is when each person gets a topic to speak about for 2 minutes. The catch is that you can’t prepare. You only get to see the topic about 30 seconds before you start.
It was scary and fun and forced you to get creative with your words.

Be Healthy

Exercising, eating healthy, and getting enough sleeping are things to keep us vibrant. There is no doubt when we don’t do these things we are sluggish, our energy decreases and our brains are foggy.
As soon as we start moving and being intentional in this area of our lives, ideas start to spark!

Ask Questions

I can’t share enough how important it is to ask questions. This is what helped my creativity at work. I got to a point at work where I was bored. I lost my excitement about work and didn’t want to be there.
Then I looked for gaps or problems in the process and work and how I could fix it. For example: Why were people having a hard time understanding a concept? What’s missing and how can I make it better?
From there I’ve created presentations, on-boarding programs, product training, mentorship programs. All because I asked why and what I could do about it.

When is the best Time to be Creative?

The opportunity to be creative is every day. In your every day life you have an opportunity to ask questions and figure out a way to answer those questions.
Sure, you’ll have to plan, create so you can execute. And, the planning and creating should happen when your mind is the clearest. For me it’s the mornings, but for others it’s before bed.
You will need to set aside dedicated time for this planning and creating – otherwise it won’t happen.

The Truth about Creativity

Steve Jobs had a really good quote about creativity. He said: “creativity is about connecting things”. Meaning to be creative means you were able to see a way to connect two things together to provide value.
I create powerpoint presentations to connect with my clients and educate them. I write these blogs to connect with people and inspire them.
What can you do to connect with someone else and provide value?

Related Questions

Can Creativity Be Learned? Yes, creativity skills can be learned. You need an interest in the creative process, the desire to explore and a spirit of curiosity. Research shows that everybody is creative.
What’s the definition of creative? Being a creative is the ability to imagine, invent, or produce something to bring about by a course of action or behavior


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